Who are we?

We are a company  A-D-MOBILE

We provide all smart phone devices and their accessories of all kinds (wholesale - retail) We keep abreast of all new developments from different parts of the world as we meet all requirements For our customers we are distinguished by competitive prices.

Why are we chosen?

Because we offer all kinds of modern devices that keep pace with the times It is in line with modern technology and global market needs.


" Get closer together A-D-Mobile "

     Accuracy and guarantee

We study the marketing feasibility of your project and determine the expected price for the project requirements

  the quality

We have a measure of excellence and flawlessness,

we are not the only ones but we are the best


The core of all relationships with our company, Which leads to an increase in the level of customer satisfaction

Smartphone brands


Our website : -

Yemen - Sana'a - Leadership Street - next to Tadhamon Bank

to contact us: -

T / 01564797

Mobile: 00967777537482


Fax: 01564798

Email: info@ad-mobile.com


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